Viper 7145V 4-Button Remote

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Replacement or Additional Remote for Your Viper System


Vipers's 7145V 4-Button Remote works with select Viper car security systems, allowing you to replace a lost or damaged remote. Its 1-way transmissions send your commands to the alarm, while its four buttons cover arming and disarming the alarm, locking and unlocking the doors, a "panic" button, and auxiliary output features that can be added such as trunk release.

The 7145V comes with batteries and has a range of up to 450 metres.

*Note: Please call/seek our advice to determine which remote start unit will suit your car before making the purchase.


  • 1-way 4-button replacement remote for select Viper systems
  • 450 metre range

Compatible with the following Viper Systems:

  • 3102
  • 3105
  • 3305