Thinkware F100RA HD Rear Window Camera To Suit F100 & F200 Dash Cam

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Designed to Record Footage at The Rear of The Vehicle


HD Rear Window Cam
Pair up THINKWARE F100RA rear camera with F100 or F200 front dash cams and see how this combo can elevate your car's surveillance capabilities. Installed on the vehicle's rear window, F100RA provides a 135° wide camera angle that records 720P high definition rear view videos whenever you're driving.

Its motion detect feature allows you to also capture motion behind the vehicle during park mode, given that the front camera is hardwired directly to the car. F100RA comes with a 5.5m cable and 3M adhesive for mounting to the rear window.


  • Compatible with F100 & F200 front cameras
  • HD 720P produces clear crisp high definition recordings
  • 135° angle captures a wide field of view
  • Motion detection when front dash cam is hardwired
  • Mounts inside the vehicle on the rear window with 3M adhesive
  • 5.5m Cable to run between the front and rear camera which carries power and video signal


  • Compatible With: F10016, F10032, F10064 & F20016
  • Resolution: 720P
  • Frames Per Second: 30
  • Camera Angle: 135° (Diagonal)
  • Image Sensor / Camera Type: 1 Megapixel, 1 / 2.9" CMOS
  • Infrared LED's: No
  • Motion Detection: Yes (Requires HWC)
  • Dimensions / Weight: 56 x 23 x 28 mm / 90G
  • Cable Length: 5.5m
  • Mounting Type: Adhesive