Street Guardian SGDCHW Dash Camera Hardwire Kit for SG9663DCPRO, SG9663DCPRO+

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  • Keep a Watch on Your Vehicle When Parked with the Street Guardian SGDCHW Hardwire Kit
  • Enables Parking Mode on the Street Guardian SG9663DC/SG9663DCPRO Dash Camera System
  • Includes Selectable Low-Voltage Cut-Off Function and Timer to Adjust How Long the Parking Mode is Enabled For on the Camera
  • Parking Mode Feature Automatically Turns on When the Vehicle is Turned Off
  • Time lapse Footage Will Record While Parked, Until Either the Low-Voltage Cut-Off Voltage is Reached/ Timer Limit Expires or the Vehicle is Turned Back On
  • Cable is 4m long in total, 3m from camera to the converter, 1m from converter to end of the fuse taps
  • 2 Fuse taps included – 1 for permanent power, and one for accessory switched power.