Qvia QR790-2CH-32GB Front 1440P QHD and Rear 1080P Full HD Dash Cam

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Lukas are one of the leading and most professional Korean based Dash Cam manufacturers that have been specialising in high-end Dash Cam production since 2009. Korean Dash Cams and Korean made Dash Cam quality is world renowned thanks to their attention to detail during design, testing and production.

The QVIA branded Dash Cams are Lukas’ premier, top of the line models that are impeccably designed, built and manufactured. The QVIA Dash Cam line up is made up of durable and reliable units that boast the highest temperature resistant ratings on the global Dash Cam market. The QVIA Dash Cam design and features are clean, professional and confident which is attributed to Lukas’ high expectations on innovation and quality.

The standout features of the Lukas QVIA QR790-2CH include:

  1. 1440P Quad HD resolution + 5.5MP SONY STARVIS sensor in the front camera which significantly differentiates the QVIA QR790-2CH from most dual models on the market. The 1440P QHD + 5.5MP front camera video quality is sharper and clearer while giving you a much better opportunity at picking up details on the road around you. The 2.1MP rear camera resolution is 1080P FULL HD and contains the benchmark standard Sony Exmor sensor. Wide Dynamic range (WDR) and an Enhanced Night Vision setting come as standard.
  2. Extremely high operational temperature resistance of 80°C and even higher storage temperature rated to 90°C. These high temperature ratings speak volumes for the quality and heat tolerance of the individual components and overall design.
  3. Ambarella A12 processor. The brains of the QVIA QR790-2CH Dash Cam is the intelligent Ambarella A12 chipset which is the most powerful processor available for a Dash Cam. The Ambarella A12 allows for excellent settings customizability while ensuring the Dash Cam operates seamlessly.
  4. Micro SD card partitioning. The Micro SD card can be partitioned by selecting the % of space dedicated for driving files, parking mode files and impact/event files. So if you park up for a couple of days, you can reduce the driving file space to 10% and the parking mode file space to 80%. This means there is less chance the parking files will be overwritten by other types of files.
  5. Pre-buffered Parking Mode recording with dual motion & impact detection. The QVIA QR790-2CH Dash Cam records 30 second parking mode files when triggered by either motion and/or impact. This is split into the all important 10 seconds before the trigger and 20 seconds after the trigger capturing the lead up to the event. The motion detection areas and motion sensitivity around your car can be tailored. The G-sensor impact sensitivity can also be tailored when in parking mode depending on your needs. *Parking mode operation requires use of the included QVIA hardwire cable.
  6. Clean, cylindrical design which is simple to align on the windscreen. Unlike other cylindrical designs on the market, the QVIA Dash Cam lens is centred in the body. This means there is no need to offset the QVIA Dash Cam on the windscreen to record an even left and right view of the road.
  7. Wi-Fi connectivity so the QVIA QR790-2CH connects to a compatible smartphone (iOS and Android*) and controlled via the free QVIA App to change settings and watch/download video files. The GPS processor is built into the mount and will log the vehicle speed and coordinates while stamping this data onto the footage. When viewing video files via the free QVIA Software Player (MAC and Windows compatible), the vehicle location can be seen on a Google Map overlay. Camera settings can be changed in either in the intuitive QVIA App or in the QVIA video player for added convenience.
  8. Included accessories. The QVIA QR790-2CH Dash Cam comes with loads of accessories included in the box – and all for a great price. Included is the hardwire cable for parking mode recording, a cig lighter socket power cord, a 16GB Micro SD card, a UV filter which protects the lens from UV rays and a 7m front to rear camera connection cable. Lukas have been very generous in their offering.
  9. File allocation. The QVIA QR790-2CH saves and records 3 types of files. Each file is saved into its own separate folder on the SD card and in the App. This makes for easy searching and navigation of video files, especially as the important parking mode files aren’t jumbled up with driving mode files. The video files are marked and stored as:

Always Files – these are purely driving only files – 3 minutes long.

Event Files – these are purely G-sensor (impact) and/or manual Hazard/Emergency button files button files. 30 second files, saving the important 10 seconds before trigger and 20 seconds after trigger.

Motion Files – these are purely parking mode motion files – 30 second files, saving the important 10 seconds before trigger and 20 seconds after trigger.

The Lukas QVIA QR790-2CH Dash Cam is one of the most popular 1440P QHD dual channel Dash Cams. The high-end specifications, impressive quality and functional features are appealing to many Australian drivers. You’ll have confidence owning a QVIA Dash Cam.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x QVIA QR790 Front Dash Cam
  • 1 x QVIA QR790 Rear Dash Cam
  • 1 x 7m front to rear camera connection cable
  • 1 x QVIA hardwire cable
  • 1 x 32GB Micro SD card + card adaptor
  • 1 x 30mm UV filter (pre-screwed over lens)
  • User Manual
  • 1 x Front mounting bracket
  • 2 x adhesive pads for front mount
  • 2 x adhesive pads for rear camera
  • Hardwire Kit