Pioneer TS-A2500LB "A-Series" 10" Shallow Mount Enclosure

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Provides Seamless and Smooth Sound


Pioneer’s A-series sound design purposely matches the subwoofer and full-range loudspeakers to provide seamless and smooth sound characteristics with dynamic, high impact bass that lets you hear and feel the music.

With the inclusion of both a protective grill and removable feet, this enclosure can be mounted in either a upward or downward firing position for flexibility. When in the downward firing position, the fully carpeted enclosure provides a durable non-slip, scratch resistant surface, perfect for both family and work vehicles.

Angled push terminals also allow easy connection of speaker wires during your install.

With vehicle applications so varied, the Pioneer Shallow Mount Subwoofer Enclosures are designed to provide the maximum installation flexibility partnered with high performance sound quality. Coupled with 10″ and 12″ options, it doesn’t matter if your driving a Ute, Pick-up, Sedan or Hatch, there’s an option to suit.

Down-Firing: Utilising the four included feet (screwed into the pre-installed mounting locations) allows the subwoofer to fire the soundwaves directly towards the floor where they are reflected producing a rich “rumble” bass response.

Up-Firing: Without utilising the provided feet and placing the enclosure on it’s back, the subwoofer will provide a strong, clean bass performance.

Vertical-Firing: This option positions the subwoofer enclosure with the cone facing sideways like a traditional loudspeaker. This position can produce an incredibly precise, punchy bass response.

IMPP Cone Construction
Glass fibre & Mica reinforced IMPP cone for deeper and richer bass response.

Pioneer’s Sound Concept “Open & Smooth”™
The Pioneer “Open & Smooth”™ sound concept delivers open staging and smooth transition of driver response to provide the ultimate in-car sound.

The Pioneer CarSoundFit app is a car sound simulator designed to allow you to experience an in-car sound with your own smartphone. Hear examples of the difference between the original speakers and Pioneer speaker upgrades to understand what improvements Pioneer can offer. To experience the virtual listening demonstration download the free Pioneer CarSoundFit app from either the App Store or Google Play.


  • 1,200w Max (300w Nom)
  • Glass fibre and mica reinforced Injection Moulded Polypropylene (IMPP) cone construction
  • Sealed enclosure design
  • Removable feet (Upward or Downward firing design)
  • Protective subwoofer grill
  • Dimensions: 520mm (W) x 300mm (T) x 150mm (D)