Parkmate MCPK-502DVR 5.0” Touch Screen Mirror DVR with 1080P Front & Rear Recording

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Custom Designed for Australian and New Zealand Drivers


5.0” touch screen DVR mirror with full high definition front &  rear cameras.

24 Hour Parkmode*
Our right side, front facing camera is perfectly designed to work in conjunction with the built-in Lane Departure warnings specifically for our ANZ road conditions.


Built for Austalia & New Zealand
Our mirror is custom built to have the camera on the right side, this allows the camera to be closer to the driver, making the camera adjustment easier without obstructing the sun visors.


Advanced Driver  Assistance System
The MCPK-502DVR features ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that use the DVR Camera to monitor your surroundings and provide warnings while you are driving.


Reversing Monitor with Gridlines
The Mirror DVR will act as an reversing monitor and will switch to rear view automatically with grid line as soon as reverse gear is triggered.



  • Camera built for ANZ
  • Camera FOV 150° Front / 140° Rear
  • Lane departure warning system
  • Reversing grid lines
  • Day & night recording
  • Touch screen
  • 24 hour park mode
  • 8m rear camera cable


5.0" DVR Mirror:

  • 5.0” Touch Screen LCD Display
  • Includes Front Full High Definition Dash Camera
  • Simultaneous Front & Rear recording
  • Multiple Screen Modes - Full & Rear View, Reverse Gridlines
  • Adjustable Rear camera view to suit your requirement

Wide Angle Rearview Camera:

  • Full High Definition Recording 1080p @30FPS
  • 140 Degree field of view
  • Reversing Grid Lines (When in Reverse mode)
  • 8 metre Rear camera cable
  • IP67 Waterproof

What's In the Box:

  • 5.0” Detachable DVR Mirror
  • 12/24V Adaptor
  • Rear Camera with 8 metre cable
  • EVA Pads