Parkmate CMD-14N Wide Angle Reverse Camera

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Making Reverse Parking Safe At All Times


This versatile camera offers a choice of mounting options with either a bracket mount or a flush mount (bumper fit). It comes with a miniature connector which allows it to be routed easily through tight spots. Easily Installs on bottom of boot lids, lip mounts - generally found above number plates, in bumpers & van doors.

Accidents related to reverse parking are some of the common casualties that vehicle owners face. In Australia, one child a week is run over in their own driveway and 20% of all accidents happen while reversing. These accidents can be prevented and this can be made easy with the help of reverse cameras.

Parkmate Capture's CMD-14N digital CMOS camera can be mounted using a bracket mount or flush mount. The camera comes with a miniature connector which you can easily route through tight spots. You can install the CMD14N on the bottom of boot lids and lip mounts, which are generally placed above your license number plates, bumpers, and van doors.

Avoid being a casualty of reckless reverse driving by installing a Parkmate Capture reverse camera in your vehicle. 


  • Butterfly mount
  • Gridlines
  • 170 deg viewing angle
  • Minimum illumination: 0.2 LUX
  • Waterproof grade: IP67 (protection against temporary immersion, water splash & dust)
  • Size: 1.8cm x 1.7cm