Mongoose Q7CA 7" Multimedia Head Unit with Apple Carplay Android Auto

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The Flagship Q7CA from Mongoose is beautifully composed, featuring the necessary features and smarts you expect from higher priced alternatives in a clean and stylish package able to seamlessly blend with any interior. It’s large 7-inch touchscreen provides a vivid display of your Apple Carplay and Android Auto enabled functions such as Google Maps and Waze or streaming of your favourite songs and podcasts, ensuring you have all the information and control at your fingertips.

USB connection is provided for Apple Carplay and Android Auto duties in addition to the Bluetooth interface enabling voice calls and audio streaming, so you’ll never be without charge and are afforded flexibility in how you connect. The included microphone provides crystal clear Bluetooth handsfree calling, able to be navigated via a customisable menu.

Expandability is well supported with an input for display of a reversing camera as well as steering wheel controls for compatible vehicles. A dedicated subwoofer output is also included in addition to the onboard 4 x 50W amplifier for those who wish to add some oomph to the bottom octave.

While devoid of any front facing branding which may clash with or detract from your factory dashboard aesthetics the Q7CA is backed by a trusted brand with over half a century of history serving the Australian automotive aftermarket.

The Q7CA is the perfect solution for those looking to upgrade the functionality, look and/or feel of their factory audio-visual unit without skimping on functionality or breaking the budget.

We also stock a diverse range of parts and accessories to make installation a breeze, should you need to adapt your vehicle’s factory wiring loom, add a camera, add an aerial or find a USB mounting plate to finish off that OEM look. Check out our expansive range of over 200 vehicle specific install kits or contact us at Automotive Superstore if you need help with finding the right fascia kit, wiring adaptor or anything else to suit your specific vehicle’s need.

Mongoose Q7CA Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay via USB

Apple CarPlay allows your Q7CA to become a feature packed extension of your iPhone. Simply connect your device via USB and all your most essential iOS apps become accessible via a purpose-built menu designed to make interaction via the driver’s seat a much simple and safer process. Navigate with your favourite maps app, stream your favourite music from Spotify or iTunes, make phone calls, and even read and reply to text messages all via your touchscreen or using Siri voice control. The powerful USB connection also ensures your iPhone stays fully-charged, no matter how long you're on the road.

Mongoose Q7CA Android Auto

Android Auto via USB

Connect your Android device directly to your Q7CA audio visual unit via Android Auto to enjoy all the most useful apps and features right there in your dash. Android Auto makes it easy to safely navigate, communicate, and entertain. Google Assistant can access all your features, providing you with a digital assistant that lets you keep your eyes on the road and you’re your hands on the wheel. Navigate with Google and WAZE maps, send and receive messages via SMS, Messenger, and WhatsApp, listen to Spotify and Google Music, or explore a world of compatible apps on the Google Play Store. The USB connection ensures you always remain connected while keeping your phone charged.

Mongoose 7-inch Capacitive Touch-Screen

7-inch Capacitive Touchscreen

The Mongoose Q7CA boasts a high-resolution capacitive touch display that is easier to use and more customisable than ever. It is designed to provide sharp and vivid visuals under a wide range of lighting conditions, allowing you to enjoy more immersive videos, highly detailed photos and vibrant graphics on a large 7-inch display right there in your dash.

Mongoose Spotify


The Mongoose Q7CA audio visual unit provides the ability to control and play songs directly from the Spotify app on iPhone or Android. Use your touchscreen to play, pause, and skip tracks, or browse Spotify's extensive library containing more than 30 million songs, audiobooks and podcasts. If you're a Spotify premium user, you can even download files straight to your phone and enjoy high-quality, interruption-free music without an internet connection, conveniently and straight from the driver's seat.

Mongoose Waze


WAZE is a new generation of GPS that uses a social driving network to create more intelligent navigation. Featuring detailed maps and real-time traffic alerts, WAZE collects data from thousands of other users to help you drive like a local no matter where you are. Available via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, WAZE is an exceptional navigation system that can guide you all over Australia.