Mongoose MPR-R Rubber Rear Sensors for Metal Bumpers

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Audible Warnings

  • At approx' 2.0~1.8 metre the buzzer starts to sound slowly
  • As you get closer the buzzer sounds faster
  • At approx' 0.50 metre the buzzer sounds constantly, Meaning stop !

*Detection distances vary according to fitted height and obstacles being detected

  • Rubber outer sensor head shells
  • Bevelled sensor lip to enable correct installation angle
  • Automatically switch on when reverse gear selected
  • 4 bumper mounted sensors
  • Detachable heads for easy service or vehicle repair
  • Control module - 2 wire installation
  • Super loud buzzer
  • 21mm plastic bumper hole cutting tool
  • Finished in matt black - painting not recommended

Note: Reversing sensors are a driving aid and the usual driving precautions should be taken whilst reversing. Sensors may not detect all possible objects/obstructions. Detection distances are approximate.

* The cut edge of metal bumpers must be painted to prevent rust.
 Not recommended for chrome bumpers due to potential rust and peeling of the chrome at the cut edge.