Mongoose MDVR 2 Channel Kit 1080p MDVR Heavy Duty Camera Solution

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Mobile Digital Video Recording System


Gives you the ability to manage your vehicle or fleet with its Video and GPS and vehicle system recording. 

1TB Gives you approximately 555 recording hours with 4 cameras, which equals 138 driving hours per camera

The MD431GW allows you to track your vehicle's history via GPS to give you the history of where your vehicle was at any time plus speed and driving behaviour.

The Hi-Resolution recorded video gives the ability to see what has happened on the road and, if an incident occurs, you can see what happens BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER. 

System alarms can be recorded to give you a full picture of your vehicle or driver behaviour, information including speed recording and speed warning alarms, G sensor to record harsh acceleration or braking. There are up to 8 alarm channel inputs to be able to make the most of reporting.

You can customise your setup with cameras and an MDVR menu to ensure you get peace of mind and effective management tools for your vehicle or fleet.


  • Supports 4 Ch AHD 1080/720/d1 Cameras
  • Supports HDD/SSD For Recording 2tb Max
  • Support HD Video Monitor Output
  • GPS And Wifi Inbuilt Modules
  • Industry-leading CPU For Powerful Processing
  • Selected Chipset, Supports 8-34v Wide-range Power Unit
  • Built-in G-sensor For Harsh Acceleration/deceleration Detection
  • Support 1 SD For Backup Recording Max 245gb
  • Strong Design Cast Aluminum Enclosure
  • Data Self Protection, Save Data When Emergency Shut Down
  • Menu Allows Customisation Of Unit Setup To Suit Wide Range Of Needs
  • Cable Harness Included For Alarm Trigger Recording
  • Download Pc Viewer To Play And Store Data. To Replay Files Of Cameras, GPS Locations, Speed, Warnings


  • Can Install Up To 4 Cameras Up To 1080 Resolution. Can Connect To Existing Camera As You Can Vary Camera Type Used In Setting. 2 Each 1080 (Eg Mc10)and 2 Each D1 (Eg Mc6). The Existing Camera Must Be Compatible With MDVR See Our Camera Section For More Information
  • Wide Range Of Cameras Available For Internal And External, Front, Side, Rear, Standard And Mini Design.
  • Can Use HDD Or SDD Storage Device Up to 2tb Depending On Your Recording Needs.

What's in the Box:

  • 1x MD431GW 1080p Black Box With Pc Software For MDVR Player
  • 1x HDDT1 1TB Hard-drive
  • 1x MC10F 1080p Front Camera
  • 1x MC10 1080p Rear Camera
  • 1x PEC5 5 Metre Camera Cable
  • 1x PEC15 15 Metre Camera Cable