Kenwood KSC-PSW7EQ 160W 8" Powered Subwoofer

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KENWOOD’s Stealth Bass Solutions Expands with the KSC-PSW7EQ!


KENWOOD’s newest compact powered 160W subwoofer.

Compact Design
Allows for installation almost anywhere, including tight spaces such as under a seat or panel.

Remote Control Sound Adjustment
Volume : Input sensitivity control knob
ACTIVE EQ : Equalizer selector switch
Frequency : Cut-off freqeuncy control knob
Phase : Phase select switch

Three types of bass to match the music of various genres equipped with ACTIVE EQ TECHNOLOGY.

New Diaphragm Speaker
The KSC-PSW7EQ is equipped with a micro-step shape on the long edge of the diaphragm surrounding the diaphragm.
This suppresses the unwanted movement of the diaphragm, which vibrates like a seesaw in the longitudinal direction during operation, thereby supporting accurate vibration and reproducing accurate bass sound to the music.

Flexible Connectivity and Installation
Supports speaker level input to connect OEM receiver without RCA outputs.
Power turns on from either speaker level or RCA signal.


  • MAX Power 160W
  • Wired Remote Controller
  • Class D Amplifier
  • (W)280mm x (H)70mm x (D)200mm


  • Woofer Size 200mm x 130mm
  • Max Power (W) 160W
  • Current Consumption 5.9A
  • Sensitivity (dB at 1m) 89dB
  • Frequency Response (Hz) 40Hz - 200Hz (-15dB)
  • Speaker Level Input Yes (Speaker Level Input)
  • Signal Sensing Turn-on Yes (Speaker Level or RCA)
  • Dimension (W x H x D) 280mm x 70mm x 200mm
  • Weight 2.6kg
  • Remote Control Cable Length 5m