Kenwood 3017BOX 12" Subwoofer in a Box

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The Kenwood 3017BOX is a slot ported box with the oversized KFC-PS3017W 12" subwoofer that creates ground-shaking super bass.

The Kenwood KFC-PS3017W 12" Subwoofer has a robust thermal management system, implemented with an Aluminum Bobbin, Closed Yoke Design, and Advanced Airflow Control for optimal heat radiation. The X-Motif Cap (Injection Molded Polypropylene) controls resonance frequency and cuts away unnecessary high-frequency sound to deliver powerful, solid bass.

X-Motif Cap & Diamond array cone
The X-motif cap, made of Injection-Molded Polypropylene, controls resonance frequency and cuts away unnecessary high-frequency sound to deliver powerful, solid bass. Diamond shapes are etched all the way to the speaker edge, helping to reduce surface waves on the speaker diaphragm, decrease vibration, and suppress distortion. The diamond array pattern also provides additional rigidity to the speaker to improve voice coil response for dynamic and clean audio reproduction.


Heat-Resistant Aluminum Voice Coil Bobbin
The most common subwoofer failure factor is Voice Coil Burnout. By using a heat-resistant aluminum voice-coil bobbin with higher thermal conductivity, heat is easily transferred to the iron parts. This will increase the durability of the voice coil.

Newly-Designed Airflow Control
The air is pushed by the cap, the voice coil is cooled when air passes through the gap.

Closed Yoke Design
The closed yoke realizes a larger magnetic circuit to increase heat radiation, the more metal the better the heat radiation.

Computer-Optimized Spider
Redesigned shape to equalize the stress to increase mechanical durability.


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  • 12" Subwoofer in Slot Ported Box
  • 2000W Peak Power
  • 400W RMS Power at 4 Ohms
  • Freq Resp: 29Hz - 300Hz
  • Heat-Resistant Aluminum VC Bobbin
  • Advanced Airflow Control