JL Audio C2-570x Evolution 5x7" 2-way Car Speakers

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JL Audio C2-570x C2 Series 5x7” 2-way Car Speakers

C2-570x Coaxial Speaker System: 5 x 7" (125 x 180 mm) Woofer, 0.75-inch (19 mm) Silk Dome Tweeter

The Evolution C2 systems deliver sparkling high-frequency detail, smooth mid-range and powerful mid-bass, thanks to real silk dome tweeters and precision-engineered woofer designs.

Many people mistakenly believe that an oval speaker cannot perform as well as a round one, leading to many instances of 5.25-inch speakers being installed into 5 x 7-inch openings. JL Audio has put in the engineering time and effort to create fantastic-sounding speakers that drop into oval openings and deliver equivalent performance to our 6.5-inch (165 mm) round speaker systems... guaranteed. So, don't make the mistake of losing cone area and efficiency by stepping down to a smaller round speaker... these ovals are as impressive as our round format systems.

The C2-570x system features 5 x 7 / 6 x 8-inch (125 x 180 mm) woofers with mineral-filled polypropylene cones, long excursion capabilities and stamped steel frames. The woofer design benefits from JL Audio's vast woofer design experience and advanced modeling systems.

Tweeters are coaxially mounted and built with 0.75-inch silk dome diaphragms that deliver smooth, extended response, on and off axis. The small size of the C2 tweeter minimizes tweeter protrusion, allowing C2 coaxials to fit behind most factory speaker grilles.

General Features

• 2-way 5" x 7" speakers (pair)
• Injection-molded mica-filled polypropylene woofer with butyl rubber surround
• 3/4" silk dome tweeter
• Built-in crossover network
• 4-ohm impedance
• Power range: 15-60 watts RMS (100 watts peak power)
• Frequency response: 53-22,000 Hz
• Sensitivity: 90.5 dB
• Depth: 2-1/2"