JBL Stage 1200D 12" Dual Subwoofer Enclosure

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JBL's Stage 1200D, a dual 12" (300mm) sub enclosure, delivers powerful bass at an affordable price. The high-tech subs are designed to handle lots of power for deep, rich bass, yet play nimbly and efficiently to deliver impressive musical accuracy. The subs pair perfectly with the hand lome, rugged slot-port enclosure, which increases the overall efficiency, and is built to last.

Dual 12"(300mm) JBL STAGE Subwoofers

JBL Stage subs are designed with high-end materials to be lightweight yet stiff and play efficiently for powerful bass.

High power-handling

The dual subs can handle up to 500 watts RMS and 1000 watts peak at 2 ohms, so you can feed them plenty of power

Rugged slot-port enclosure

The 5/8" MDF carpeted enclosure stands up to wear and tear; the slot port helps increase the overall efficiency.

Bass that's both loud and clear

The high efficiency coupled with the strong woofer construction produce signature JBL bass, with plenty of high-impact SPL and satisfying musical accuracy.

Compact enclosure compared to the competition

JBL designed the Stage 1200D to be smaller than the typical dual enclosure, which means it'll fit in more vehicles.

Competitive pricing

The affordable price tag compared to the competition makes the JBL Stage 1200D a great choice for more customers.

General Specifications:

Configuration: Dual Subwoofer in Enclosure
Driver Size: 12" (305mm)
Impedance: 2 Ω
Peak Power: 1000W max
Power Handling: 500W RMS
Sensitivity: 91dB
Frequency Response: 34 - 200Hz