JBL Arena X Subwoofer 12" High Performance Subwoofer

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The JBL ARENA X 12-inch (300mm) subwoofer is nothing short of amazing. Leveraging technology fro JBL's Professional and Luxury Audio divisions, where loudspeakers have to fill giant stadiums, concert venues and movie theaters with incredible sound, this subwoofer takes a completely new approach to moving air in a car. Light and agile opposed 2.5-inch voice coils in a magnetic gap provide completely linear control of cone excursion all the way to Xmax. Symmetrical Field Geometry design ensures linear cone travel and low distortion at virtually any output level. The proprietary motor is surrounded by high-tech materials such as a cast-aluminum frame, concave cone, nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) one-piece surround, golden-plated speaker terminal binding posts, progressive spider and vented pole piece. Power handling is a massive 1,600 Watts peak (800 Watts RMS) and all of its parts work in harmony to cool voice coils. The Arena X is the 12-inch reference standard - nothing else comes close.

Impressive power handling

JBL engineers designed the ARENA X subwoofer to produce uncompromising, mammoth bass from an amplifier capable of delivering up to 1,600 watts of power. Nothing else even comes close.

High-tech motor

The powerful 2.5-inch voice coil is suspended in a separate magnetic gap. At low power, the coil drives the cone, cancelling any non-linearities. As input increases, the coil continues to drive the cone for incredible power handling.

Die-cast, vented aluminum frame

This sub's aluminum frame features significant venting and heatsink fins to add power handling. And since aluminum is a rigid material, it keeps the critical voice-coil components in perfect alignment while they travel through the linear excursion range.

Aluminum woofer cone and dust cap

Aluminum is well known for being light weight yet extremely stiff, making it the ideal cone material to move large amounts of air without flex or distortion.

NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) surround

The JBL ARENA X uses a single-piece NBR surround seal between the front and back - an essential design feature considering the enclosure's high pressure level. NBR is known to be a tough industrial, environmentally stable material, allowing your sub to perform optimally whether it's Winter or Summer.

Progressive spider

The progressive spider allows the cone to move easily under any reasonable excursion conditions, resulting in more musical experience from your subwoofer.

General Specifications:

Configuration: Subwoofer
Driver Size: 12" (305mm)
Impedance: 2 Ω
Peak Power: 1600W max
Power Handling: 800W RMS
Sensitivity: 87.5dB
Frequency Response: 18 - 1,000Hz