IROAD X10/X11 Security Cover

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Secure all cables with the X-Security Cover

The IROAD X-Security Cover helps to keep cables neat and tidy. Furthermore, it prevents damage and physical access to the cables of your X10/X11 and/or FX1/FX2 Dash Camera.


It is a great method to protect your dash cam and your vehicle!

Prevent Memory Card Corruption

The IROAD X-Security Cover is an accessory to protect the Micro SD card slot from physical access, so that video files cannot be damaged or deleted.

IROAD X-Security Cover Installation

  • Place the security cover top plate to the X10/X11 or FX1/FX2.
  • Connect each cable to the X10/X11 or FX1/FX2 and organize the cables in each hole of the cover.
  • Cables should be organized in order from the left.
  • After fastening the bottom part of the multi-cover to top plate, tighten the screw.
  • Tighten the SD cover with screw.
Adjust security-cover and front camera of X10/X11 or FX1/FX2 and push it until it clicks into place.


Remove double-sided tape film of the multi-cover and attach it to the selected location.


Place the top cover and organized the cables.

Place the cables from left to right relative to the holes in the top cover.

After connecting the GPS cable to the X10/X11 (not required for the FX1/FX2), place the cable to the first hole from the left.

Place the GPS cable molding towards left to connect easily.

After connecting the optional OBDII x-scanner cable to the X10/X11, place the cable to the second hole position. This is not used on the FX1/FX2.

Place the OBDII scanner cable molding towards right to connect easily.

After connecting the rear cable to the X10/X11/FX2, place the cable to the third hole position.


After connecting the power cable to the dash camera, place the cable to the first hole from the right

Place the power cable molding towards right to connect easily.

After connecting the cables, place the bottom cover case with the top cover together and push it to the bottom to tighten.


Tighten the screws with an allen wrench. After assembling the top, bottom cover, place the SD card cover and tighten the screws.



Top Cover(3M Tape)
Bottom Cover
SD Card Slot Cover
Allen Wrench
Spare 3M Tape