IROAD X-SCANNER OBDII Diagnostic Car Scanner

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OBDII Diagnostic Car Scanner


One Simple Plug-And-Forget Tool, Two Invaluable Functions
Connect the IROAD OBD X-Scanner to your dash cam and turn your smart device into a car diagnostic scan tool, all you need is the IROAD mobile app and the new IROAD X10 dash cam.

The X-Scanner is an easy-to-use OBD II scan tool built specifically for car owners. It is essentially an OBD Power Cable but with built-in scan functionality. Not only can the X-Scanner supply power to your dash cam for parking recording, you can use it to perform OBD II scans on your vehicle.

The next time you see any problems on your dashboard, just open the IROAD mobile app to do a quick scan before bringing your car into the shop.

*Please note the X-scanner is compatible with the X10 dash cam only.

The IROAD X-SCANNER Can Display the Following Vehicle Information:

Vehicle Information in Real Time:

  • Speed
  • RPM
  • Battery Voltage
  • Coolant Temperature
  • DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Info
  • Transmission Oil
  • Fuel Level
  • Gear Position


  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Fuel Level


  • Driving Statistics
  • Vehicle Diagnostics

Please Make Sure to Check Below Before Using X-SCANNER:

  • To operate the X-Scanner, please turn the ignition on to run “IROAD Smart Manager” app or OBD setting.
  • (Not able to set when ACC ON or KEY ON)
  • After applying the X-SCANNER Firmware and DB update, please make sure to save the vehicle settings again.
  • There may be some limitations of X-SCANNER function depending on vehicle grade and option.
  • When Mercedes with “Mercedes me connect” is turned on, “Mercedes me connect service restriction” message may be displayed, however it will still work effectively. If you install a dedicated Mercedes diagnostic device or other OBD II, the above phenomenon will occur.
  • For some hybrid vehicles and vehicles that use two fuels together, fuel economy information may differ from the actual.
  • In cases of electric vehicles, fuel consumption is not supported. But, battery charge rate is supported instead of fuel level.
  • In some electric vehicles, dashcam starts driving mode when the vehicle is moved only.
  • The fuel consumption on the X-Scanner may be inaccurate until a calibration occurs.
  • Some vehicles may require an extra extension cable to install OBD II Scanner. Also, the OBD ll can be pushed inward because of interference when the OBD II scanner is installed.
  • X-Scanner may not work when the X-Scanner and other company’s OBD are bridged by Y-Cable mode.
  • Vehicle is equipped with DCT does not provide the transmission oil temperature value, so it is not shown.
  • Troubleshooting code supports international standard diagnostic code (after 2010).
  • If the OBD II was set to different vehicle more than 7 times for miscellaneous reasons or changing cars, the X Scanner will not properly function and there will be no compensation in such case. However, there are no limited amounts of numbers to set the OBD II when it is being connected to the same vehicle.
  • KOBD can be set by mobile application only.
  • Does not support 24V vehicles.

How to Update the X-SCANNER:
1. Download the compressed file and release it.
2. Connect the memory card to your PC.
3. Copy and paste all extracted files (odffw.db3) (obdfw.rom) into the Removable Drive Update folder.
(odffw.db3) DB file
(obfw.rom) Firmware File
4. Put the memory card into the dashcam and turn on the power.
5. Start to reboot and upgrade the system automatically.
(Keep the engine running until the upgrade is complete.)

Update Information:
Check the OBD update details. OBD DB : V1.14.12.13
– Add New Vehicle
Hyundai: G80 RG3
Other : Mercedes A220 2020, Mercedes E250 2020, Mercedes E300 4Matic 2020,
AUDI A4 40TFSI 2019, Lincoln Navigator 2020
– Support Landrover and Jaguar
– Tivoli Diesel 2020, correcting issues recognized by ISG stop as IGN off
– Mercedes Recent Vehicles Improve MMC Stay Free (Fuel Volume, Coolant Temperature Not Supported)

Supported Vehicles:
Major automotive manufacturers supporting the IROAD X-SCANNER accessory:



  • G / D / L / C / E Gasoline / Diesel / LPG / CNG / Electric
  • O Supported
  • △ Both supported and non-supported vehicles are mixed
  • Not able to identify the supported vehicle
  • SOC EV battery charge rate
  • G / D : O Applicable for gasoline or diesel
  • L:~14 X, 15~ O LPG vehicles are not supported until 2014 and supported from 2015
  • VDC Vehicle that prevents skidding and controls wheel brake pressure
  • ESC Vehicle that keeps stable by controlling engine torque as well as ABS function
  • ESP Similar to ESC Vehicle
  • X Non-supported