Infinity Primus 6004a 4 Channel Amplifier

Sale price $309.00 Regular price $329.95

Primus 6004A is a Compact 4-Channel Car Amplifier 60W x 4

The Primus 6004A Amplifier delivers the right power and number of channels for a subwoofer and full-range applications. With a broad array of amplifiers, subwoofers and loudspeakers available, you can drive with ease and exhilaration.

This compact amplifier is equipped with all the essential user controls and inputs including a bass EQ as well as HPF and LPF crossover controls for tailoring the sound to suit the characteristics of different vehicles.

The Amp can be easily installed and is amazingly reliable.

  • Value Engineered
        • Real Infinity performance at an affordable price
  • Compact Footprint
        • The amplifier has been developed in a small compact form factor to allow more location versatility
  • Full On-Board Protection
        • The amplifier has on-board circuitry to protect them from shorts, overvoltage, under-voltage and temperature
  • Reliability
        • Infinity being one of the best selling car audio brands in the world, they are serious about their craft and want every consumer to have a world-class experience that last and last
  • Level Control Adjust Input Sensitivity
        • When low-level inputs are used, It can adjust the input between 200mVrms and 5.0Vrms. When high-level inputs are used, the control adjusts the input between 0.5Vrms and 15Vrms
  • Switchable Bass EQ
        • Provides a bass boost at 45Hz of 6dB or 12dB
  • Cool Industrial Design
        • Black with grooved centre panel, black painted end panels and bottom, polished badge
  • Crossover Mode Switch
        • LPF crossover controls are switchable between 0dB to 12dB at 45 Hz
  • Crossover control gives user additional fine-tuning
      • Adjust the crossover turnover frequency between 32Hz and 320Hz