HiTV 9V DVD Twin 9" V Series Rear Multimedia Headrest - Twin Set

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Australia's Smartest Road Trip Companion!


Modular DVD Design
Enclosed Plug & Play DVD mechanism, easy to replace faulty unit for warranty.

Modular Headrest Design
Hidden button to release DVD mechanism, easy to replace faulty unit for warranty.

Modular Leather Design
Interchangeable multiple leather cover

One-Piece-Forged Stainless Pole
Sustain the weight of the headrest

Disc Loader
Disc compartment to hold DVD disc


  • 9” (16:9) TFT LCD Display
  • Touch Sensitive Controls
  • Advanced ALC Technology for Improved Audio Volume
  • Solid headrest sponge to ensure comfort of front seat passenger
  • Metal panel to securely maintain the multimedia unit & frame, even upon impact
  • LED Backlit Panels for Exceptional Picture Quality, High Efficiency and Long Life
  • Cover Colors Easily Interchangeable Between Black, Grey and Beige to Match Vehicle Interior
  • One-Piece-Forged Stainless Poles to Sustain Weight of The Headrest
  • Solid Headrest Sponge to Ensure Comfort Front Seat Passenger
  • Metal Panel to Securely Maintain the Multimedia Unit & Frame
  • Panel Swivels Out for Optimal Viewing Angle
  • Automatically Selects Between PAL and ATSC Systems
  • Built-In 3.5mm AV Input Jack
  • Two A/V Inputs
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Built-In Dual Speakers


  • Built-In Dual Channel IR Transmitter:
    • Ch A: 2.3MHz (Left) – 2.8MHz (Right)
    • Ch B: 3.2MHz (Left) – 3.8MHz (Right)

  • Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Brightness: 400 CD/M2
  • Power Supply: DC +12V (10.6V - 15.8V)
  • Power Consumption: 12W
  • Operating Temperature: 14OF ~ 140OF
  • Dimensions: 9.8” x 5.5” x 8.3“
  • Weight: 5.5lbs.