Focal TBM Tweeter Utopia M

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  • Type Tweeter 
  • Voice coil diameter (1″) 25mm 
  • Motor Neodymium 
  • Cone ‘M’-shape Beryllium dome 
  • Suspension Tuned Mass Damper (TMD®) 
  • Impedance 4Ω 
  • Max. power 200W 
  • Nom. power 20W 
  • Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m) 95dB 
  • Fequency response 1.5kHz – 50kHz 
  • Accessories Bracket and mounting screws supplied



The culmination of the very best of our latest innovations, our Beryllium tweeter combines for the first time ever our ‘M’-profile dome and our patented TMD®surround. With this new combination, our engineering teams have successfully extended the frequency response and obtained better dispersion. We also get a treble that is unrivalled in its precision, of great finesse, and an incredible soundstage’s width.  


‘M’-profile ‘W’ sandwich cone

The new, patented, ‘M’-profile cone is the result of many years of research and our expertise in materials and their geometry. The innovative ‘M’-profile, made from a single piece, means it is incredibly rigid and perfectly combines the three criteria essential for creating an “ideal” speaker driver: rigidity, lightness and damping. The result is an extremely linear frequency response, a low distortion rate and better sound dispersion. Upon listening, this cone delivers striking realism and level of detail, that transports you into the heart of music. TMD® surround Originally developed for the Sopra line of high-fidelity loudspeakers, our TMD® (Tuned Mass Damper) surround has a unique profile, designed to better control the effects of resonance and to drastically reduce the distortion associated with deformations of the cone. The speaker driver takes advantage of this patented technology by spreading better defined and very realistic midranges’ frequencies. Progressive spider The progressive spider used on all our Utopia drivers is built around a progressive section that reproduces all the impact of the bass whilst optimising the linearity, precision and dynamics of the sound. Key points 

• Beryllium ‘M’-shape inverted dome tweeter • ‘TMD’ suspension • Frequency response: 1.5kHz – 50kHz • Integrated mounting bracket