Focal ES100K

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Focal ES 100K K2 Power Series 4″ component speaker system


The ES 100 K is an ultra-compact solution with an impressive SPL of 90 dB(2.83 V/1 m) for such a small design. It is composed of two 100 mm (4″) speaker drivers with Kevlar® cones. The famous yellow cones of the K2 Power line are light, rigid and have excellent damping to provide dynamic sound with incredible definition. The centre of the cone is equipped with a phase plug for improved sound dispersion around the vehicle. The high frequencies are faithfully reproduced by two 20 mm TKM tweeters. Composed of aramid fibres, these inverted dome tweeters have an exclusive “M”-shaped profile to control deformation and to reduce distortion. The new-generation tweeters feature very compact crossovers which are easy to install. Various accessories are supplied for assembling the tweeters, which can be installed in the factory locations, on tilting frames or flush-mounted. The size of each component of this kit has been optimised to offer a very compact solution which can be adapted for all kinds of set-ups in all kinds of vehicles. The kit is supplied with aluminium and mesh grilles.  

diameter 4″ (100mm)
voice coil diameter 0-13/16″ (20mm)
voice coil height 0-1/3″(8.5mm)
motor Neodymium
tweeter TKM (“M” profile aramid fiber inverted dome)
cone Composite K2 Power “W” sandwich cone
surround Tuned Mass Damper (TMD)
separated crossover 12/12dB (3.5kHz)
tweeter adjustable level +3; 0; -3dB/oct
max power 120W
nominal power 60W RMS
sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 90dB
frequency response 110Hz-22kHz
impedance 4 Ω
impedance Supplied grilles

  EXCEPTIONAL SOUND FOR YOUR VEHICLE The speaker drivers used for the K2 Power have been completely redesigned. Each component is the result of extensive research in acoustics to push back the limits of performance, of power and of precision!


Precision and dynamics

The K2 Power Kevlar® cone, a product of unique expertise Made In Focal, is to this day second to none. Composed of an ultra-light foam structure sandwiched between a thin layer of Kevlar® aramid fibres, and a layer of glass fibres, the K2 Power cone combines three key factors of quality acoustics: Rigidity / Lightness / Damping, for precise and dynamic sound.