Directed DBALL2 Databus All Interface Module and 3X Lock Remote Start

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Offers the Most Advanced Hardware Architecture in Our Industry


The Directed DBALL2 module interfaces CAN BUS vehicles, allowing you to remotely start your engine or unlock the doors of your car without the need for the factory transponder chip in your key fob. DBALL2 now includes the added convenience of 3 x Lock Remote Start without the need for an added security system (selected models and auto transmission vehicles only).

Get more control over your vehicle’s security system
Many cars today feature an immobiliser security system that won’t allow the car to start without first sensing the presence of a chip imbedded in the key or key fob. DBALL2 tells your vehicle through its databus that it’s okay for an aftermarket remote start or security system to start the engine or unlock the doors without that chip.


Simplifies your security wiring
A single data-to-data harness connects your Viper (or other Directed) system to the DBALL2, so you don’t have to hard wire your security system to door locks, solenoid releases, and other sensors — you’ll save a huge amount of installation time and money. The DBALL2 module usually connects to your vehicle through a T-Harness that makes that connection much easier. Your DBALL2 can be programmed for your specific vehicle, so you’ll have total control over locking and unlocking doors, starting the engine, arming and disarming the factory alarm, and any other computerised function your vehicle can perform.

*Note: Please call/seek our advice to determine which remote start unit will suit your car before making the purchase.


  • 3X Lock Start
  • Multi bus and advanced OBD2 connectivity
  • Viper SmartStart compatible
  • Customisable features with Directechs
  • RSR compatible
  • RF loop compatible