BlackVue CELLINK NEO Battery Pack

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The CELLINK-Neo replaces the CELLINK-B as the very best and leading dash camera battery pack for cars. The system was specially designed for use in BMW cars to prevent low voltage warnings. The system is now used in many different high-end vehicle brands and works to offer the user a long duration of CCTV video recording with their dash cam, after only 1 hour of driving time.


Large 76.8 Wh Capacity

This battery pack can power a dual channel BlackVue for over 18 hours and signle channel BlackVue for over 25 hours.

LiFePO4 Battery Technology

The high quality lithium-iron phosphate battery means the system can reach temeperatures of up to 70 degrees before the internal computer safely shuts off the system.

Super Fast Charging

The CELLKINK-NEO Battery can quickly charge in only 40 minutes of driving time (on High Mode only). Giving up to 32 hours of recording time with your BlackVue.

Bluetooth Application

See vital statistics and read-ours for your CELLKINK-NEO with the easy to use. Free iOS and Android app

Battery Discharge Prevention

THe CELLINK-NEO is an external battery pack which is only charged when the vehicle is on. No longer a risk to the vehicle's main battery.